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Hell's Angels Scenery Pack is based on the combining the fine work of Rabu's 
OTE 4-Seasons 3i pack w/clouds and Kessler's PL Object Pack.  Producing an
atmosphere and graphic detail that heighten the HA experience.

Updates to the OTE/PL combo scenery include some re-paletted 
skins and missing train skins

OTE.vol 3i - PL combo pack - 17.4MB
updated 6/24/04!

3dpatch.zip - 10.1 MB - updated! 6/24/04
fall/winter.zip - 6.9 MB

 * note - if installing  the above scenery, install the scenery patch first then Hell's Angels!


Screen shots taken using the OTE/PL scenery patch

houses.gif (62436 bytes)  j12a.gif (155108 bytes)  snap3.gif (91942 bytes)  j23b.gif (141119 bytes)



  9 MB
OTE Vol.3i Direct Draw compatible scenery
This scenery patch is the base-line OTE DD mode compatible scenery 
It is strictly to upgrade the ground, sky and trees for DD mode. 
Load into \shellpat - does not include PL objects or effects.

part 1
3.7 MB

part 2
3.5 MB
DeltaK/Dark4ces/PL DD compatible scenery
Here is a complete 2D "4" season terrain set based on The Promised Land Spring Terrain.  A combined effort from DeltaK, and Dark4ces based on original Spring tiles from Kessler.  DeltaK reworked the Summer/Spring, and the Autumn color-match modification with Winter work by Dark4ces.
 For SP use .... load into \shellpat

Screen shots here....  <click>


DeltaK's Direct Draw compatible Object Pack
DeltaK has put together an Object Pack together using various sources, including Midnight Mike, The Promised Land and Wingstrut.  It works very well in the Direct Draw environment as well as adding an extra dimension (provided by Midnight Mike).  Although each element of this pack can be downloaded off the Internet as a separate entity (maybe not the Wingstrut contribution though) DeltaK's pack is well put together and well worth the download.  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MMP USE!!!!
 For SP use .... load into \shellpat

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