It's early morning, October 22, 1918.  You are a Feldwebel in the German Air Force assigned to Jasta 2.
The Intelligence commander is just finishing a last minute detail briefing for this morning's enemy operations. 
Your assignment is a balloon busting mission, just south of Arras.  You approach your Fokker D.VII as 
the mechanic is just finishing wiping off the frost and dew from the wings.  Your mount is ready.

As your helper adjusts your flight suit, Oswald Boelcke lumbers over to you in his.  Looking you in the eyes, 
he assures you that this will be an easy mission, he is leading, just stay on his tail.  He walks back to his 
silver and black D.VII and climbs in.  No sooner are you in yours calling for 'contact'.  The mission begins.

There is one odd fact about this mission though... Oswald Boelcke died in 1916 from a crash caused by a collision
with another flight member... 

Welcome to Hell's Angels: Resurrection.