Pat Wilson - for many and I mean MANY skins and other great stuff from Western Front Patch.
James Dietz - For the terrific artwork for the title page of the installer and HA patch
Brett Castlebury - for all the help and advice on Esc 1 Bel.
Mark W. Miller - for his outstanding personal WWI renderings and lozenge work.
Shredward - for all the great color plates and single missions, helping HA to be accurate
Steve Fabert - for much of the historically accurate info that is in HA and color plates
Pursuit1 - for his fine contributions of artwork on the Albatros wings and green Dr.1
Flybert - for excellent, detailed advice and vast file collection
Andreas - fantastic work on N11 and Dr.1 base skins
Skidmark - for advice, help, files, and all kinds of other good stuff
Delta K - superb work on many and I mean MANY of the Hell's Angels skins
Ron65Ron - a fine source of info and help with HA skins
Walther Weaver - Pfalz D.III skins
Ziggy - Thanks for the perfecting eye.

Also, the entire Red Baron Community for showing such a high interest in HA and keeping me going when I thought I should quit. Thanks to all of you.

Last, but NEVER least.... Charles de Theilt (Karel Dooms) without him, we'd never have gotten this far. Thank you Karel.